In This Together

Ho Chi Minh in Lockdown

At the moment, many members of our team in Vietnam live under hard lockdown restrictions. More than 35 of our colleagues are not allowed to leave their homes. This means that our production is halted. As there is only very rudimental social support in Vietnam we continue to pay wages and support our colleagues despite the lack of governmental aid and furlough models.

The pandemic and Climate Change have one thing in common: they can only be solved with a global effort. Dawn stands for this global approach. We believe in cooperation, solidarity and the strengthening of communities. To us, Dawn is more than just a fashion brand. We are a bridge between those who have produced your jeans with lots of attention for details and you who wears them, feeling good in them. 

“In this together” – we do everything we can to support our team in Vietnam. Do you want to help us help them get through this lockdown? Let’s go! We triple all tips that come in via tip me. 

Showing appreciation through tip me

Tip me enables you to give tips around the world. Just as easily as you’d show your appreciation for a good service in the café around the corner, you can also show your appreciation for the work of our colleagues in Vietnam. Please note that tip me is not replace our responsibility to pay fair wages. It is simply used as a sign of appreciation for a craft. Especially in these times, it is a great tool to show solidarity. We are carry the responsibility for a fair and well paid work environment. But we can only change the world for the better if we come together as a community. 

Live stats of the collected tip:

To give a tip, you don’t have to buy anything

You want to give a tip, but don’t know how? You have three options: You can either add a tip to your next purchase in our online shop. But if you don’t want to shop anything, you can still use tip me. Either follow the button below or scan the tip me QR code in the waistband of your jeans. Both ways will lead you to the tip me form in our online shop. You’ll find more detailed information there. 

Our team in Vietnam

Over time, our small samples studio grew into a proper denim factory. Nowadays, more than 98 people work in our production team. Many of them have been with us since day one of Dawn. They have grown with their tasks and responsibilities – just like us. From the beginning, we have paid wages following the Anker Living Wage method to secure the existence. And to make sure our employees can realize the dreams. A few of our colleagues agreed to share their dreams with you. The collected tips will be evenly and fairly distributed between all tip recipients.

Van An Nguyen

"I would like to buy my own house one day".

Thi Phuong Pham

"I am a Buddhist and I would like to help other people."

Thuy Tam Nguyen

"I wish I could be more supportive of my children's education."

Dang Tran Cong

"I want to evolve my career and open my own factory someday."

Ho Minh Tuan

"I wish health and happiness for my family."

Ho Nhu Thuy

"One day I would like to build my own house."

Nguzen Ngoc Nhan

"I just want to stay healthy and be there for my kids."

Ly Hoang Le

"I wish for my children to go to university."