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Grow a Forest by buying a T-Shirt

Our Mission: 11.000 trees planted until 31.12.21.

Our friends from One Tree Planted will plant 11 trees in Vietnam for every "Environmentalist"- T-Shirt purchased. Get on board, buy a shirt and help us reach 11.000 trees by 31.12.21.




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These trees save lifes in Vietnam

The project will plant native Son Tra fruit trees and replenish endangered timber species which can substitute teak wood. Over-exploitation of the land in Vietnam has endangered many native species of plants and animals, and increased the impact of natural disasters. Much of the local population also depends directly on forest products for subsistence. So Vietnam is slowly regaining its forests through tree planting and natural reforestation.

Environmentalist T-Shirt

Your purchase of an "Environmentalist"-T-Shirt plants trees. 100% of the profit of this t-shirt will go to our friends of the organisation OneTreePlanted. For every Tree-T sold, they will plant 11 trees in a reforestation project. Why this specific number? Why 11 trees? Because we keep none of the profit for ourself. One Dollar plants one tree and we would have earned 11 Dollars by selling you this shirt. OneTreePlanted offers you a certificate stating the amount of trees you planted. The white crew-neck t-shirt is emblazoned with the "Environmentalist" logo in Dawn blue. It's super soft, super casual and can be easily fit into any look. It's a quintessential sustainable style.

Why you should support reforestation

By planting native fruit trees and replenishing endangered timber species, we can restore balance to the area’s flora and fauna while educating the local community about forest conservation. By planting trees, your helping create jobs for villagers through site clearance, planting, tending, and monitoring; providing long-term income through collecting fruits trees; and fostering numerous environmental benefits ranging from watershed protection, to erosion control to carbon storage through tree plantings.

How does it work?

Buy the T-Shirt.

At the check-out, allow us to share your e-mail address with One Tree Planted.

We donate to One Tree Planted in your name and send them your e-mail address.

One Tree Planted gets back to you with your personal certificate.


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Planting these trees will not reduce your or our CO2-footprint.

Restoring forest is vital for our climate. However, it doesn't actually cancel out the emissions to which they are linked. Planting trees should not substitute reducing CO2 emissions in the first place. 

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