Fair Wear Leaders

One of the best Fair Wear brands and still not sustainable.

Leader brand of the Fair Wear Foundation – is that enough?

For three years in a row, we have been categorized as a Leader brand by the Fair Wear Foundation, twice with the full 100 out of 100 points. Is our production therefore already completely fair? Unfortunately, no. Here is what the Fair Wear result means and why we still have a long way to go. 

Who is the Fair Wear Foundation?

The Fair Wear Foundation's goal is to improve working conditions in the fashion industry and change clothing production so that it is fair for everyone involved. To this end, all member brands are taking part in an annual Brand Performance Check. 

This check is the most important element of Fair Wear's unique approach to taking joint responsibility for improving working conditions in the production of clothing, textiles and footwear. In doing so, Fair Wear examines the extent to which brands like Dawn have integrated human rights due diligence into their business practices. 

Each year, the companies' progress is scored and categorized as "Leader," "Good," or "Needs Improvement." We joined the Fair Wear Foundation in 2018 and have since been rated a Leader three times in a row. 

The 8 labor standards of the Fair Wear Foundation

Employment is freely chosen

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

No discrimination in employment

No exploitation of child labor

Payment of living wage

Reasonable hours of work

Safe and healthy working conditions

Legally binding employment relationship

97 out of 100 points – our current Fair Wear result

2021, in our latest Brand Performance Check, we scored 97 out of 100 points, earning Leader status once again.  

Our whole production takes place in our own factory, which makes us special in the fashion industry. This presents us with some challenges but also gives us the opportunity to work closely with our factory, quickly prevent problems and maintain social standards.

This is only the beginning

We are very happy about our great Fair Wear result and everything we have already achieved in our factory. However, we still want to improve a lot – throughout our whole supply chain. 

At the moment, our impact doesn't extend beyond our own factory, and we don't yet know if everyone in our supply chain is really paid fairly. For example, some time ago, we tried to track down one of our organic cotton farmers and meet them in person, but we didn't get any further than the wholesaler. So we still have a long way to go to achieve a completely fair production. 

Go down memory lane with us...

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