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Dawn collaborates tip me.

What is tip me?

Send tips to seamsters and seamstresses through tip me. It’s an easy, immediate way of saying “Thank you” and showing your appreciation. Tip me is a social company and our external partner who makes sure your tips reach their destination directly and safely.

Lockdown in Vietnam, July 2021

Vietnam is struggling with the delta variant of covid-19. Our factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City. More and more districts are currently under a hard lockdown. We do not consider it a possibility to keep our colleagues in the factory for the whole duration of the lockdown. So we had to make the difficult decision to close our factory for the lockdown. We are paying short-time wages which are higher than suggested by the government. But it will be a rough patch for everyone.

We are grateful for everyone who is willing to help us help our team.

Kostenlose Lieferung ab 100€
Kostenlose Rücksendung innerhalb der EU

1. Choose the amount of your tip

You decide how much you want to give. It’s possible to give a tip without buying anything. Or after you already received your new favorite jeans.

2. Each tip arrives safely

Tips get collected and distributed fairly. Every cent of your tip goes to Vietnam and helps to fulfill wishes.

3. Tip me tells you what happens with your tip

We will inform you via newsletter and social media about the amounts of tip collected.

Dawn denim received the best Fair Wear Foundation rating worldwide. One reason: We wages considerably above living wage. But we also ensure that our seamsters and seamstresses in Vietnam know how much we appreciate their work. Do you want to express your gratitude as well? Tip me gives you the chance to do this straight away. Please note that your tip is not part of their wages, but a bonus on top. A gesture of gratitude.
Yes, your tip will be transferred without any deductions. Transferring money internationally and securely has a cost. We cover these transaction fees because it is our goal to create a direct, personal connection between you and our team in Vietnam.

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