circular fashion

Art on Broken Pieces

A new life for discarded jeans

Our industry has many flaws. But we believe that in every problem there is also an opportunity. We want to take advantage of that. With a lot of positive energy and creativity, we transform flawed jeans into something better, beautiful, and unique. We call this Art on Broken Pieces. 

In our factory, we work with the appropriate calm and use only high-quality materials. Still, every now and then our quality control finds jeans with minor flaws. But we don't throw away jeans with these small flaws. They become part of our Art on Broken Pieces project. With small embroideries and patches, we give these jeans a new life.

Behind the scenes of Art on Broken Pieces

«A designer's dream is to meet a company like Dawn that has the same vision of producing for a better world, and actually make it happen.»

Sofia Holt
Swedish Designer