Transparency with retraced

Transparency for everyone

Our products are marked with a QR code from Retraced. This allows everyone to scan the supply chain as far back as possible, view certificates and find out about the respective suppliers. We specifically used a tool that retailers and consumers can use intuitively to learn more about us and our brand.

Opaque and complex

Unfortunately, the supply chain is not yet as transparent as we would like. We wanted to find the organic cotton farmer and get to know him personally, but at the moment we can't get beyond the cotton trader. Even a cooperation with Cotton Connect, an NGO supporting cotton farmers, could not help us to achieve this goal. This shows us that there is still a lot of work to be done before we can speak of a truly transparent supply chain.

Follow the journey of your pants in 3 steps

Scan the QR code on your pants.

Open the link to the Retraced platform.

Discover the journey of your trousers.