Pure Beauty - Dawn goes circular

Hi Dawnies! 

My name is Ani, Director and Founder of Simply Suzette and the #DiligentDenim blog. My friends at DAWN have asked me to give you a little look into why their newest collection Pure Beauty is the purest to date. 

Undyed and 100% organic cotton means you're not only slipping into the most eco-vocative jeans out there, they're also ready to be cycled into something new. And I'm talking the real deal with removable twist-off buttons and mono materials. But what's this 'cycling' I'm talking about?

I'm talking about Cradle to Cradle! An important certification to look out for 👀

Rather than keeping with our take-make-waste mentality, a cradle-to-cradle approach means what we take is continuously used and is never wasted. 

Circularity is one of the glimmering hopes we have to solve fashion's ginormous waste problem and keep our products in use as long as possible. And we know what the number one most sustainable thing to do is. Use what we have! This concept gives us a look into a world where waste becomes one of our finest resources to keep things circulating ‘round and ‘round ✨ 

Circularity also means getting to create an even greater relationship with the brands you buy from and be a part of the fashion system yourself. You get to be the change. And that is something that gets me very excited. 

Will you join me in leading the change with pure and intentional purchases? 

See you over on @simplysuzette, and always be curious! 

Ani xo