Jan'n June x DAWN

When values align, great results follow. Jan’n June and DAWN Denim, both committed to environmental preservation and fair labour, have teamed up to create a unique collection of ethical denim styles.

Their collaboration combines minimalist design with ethical production, offering denim that is stylish, comfortable and conscious. This partnership ensures your fashion choices are both elegant and responsible. 

Gemeinsam für Dich kreiert

Using organic cotton protects both the environment and the people involved in growing and processing it, as pesticides are avoided and fewer chemicals and water are used.

Created Responsibly

Juliana Holtzheimer, Co-Founder JAN 'N JUNE:

“Great products are created when two brands that share the same values come together. Everyone adds a good pinch of their specific expertise - done!"

The team of designers found inspiration for the Collaboration beats Competition capsule primarily in the 2000s. It should be cool, clean and classy. They are proud not only of the end product, but of the entire story behind it. Every pair of jeans goes through a journey filled with integrity and transparency. DAWN and Jan n June are determined to drive change in the fashion industry, which is why production conditions come first.

Background and future of the cooperation

Ines Rust, Co-Founder DAWN:

“None of us is as smart as all of us. We want to use this potential even more and are pleased that JAN 'N JUNE sees it the same way and that we can publish our second joint capsule collection together for spring/summer 2024.”

DAWN and Jan'n June, both pioneers in the sustainable fashion industry, have always had one thing in common: a passion for responsibility and style.

With the successful launch of their first joint collection, DAWN and Jan'n June are looking optimistically into the future. Their ambitions don't end with this collection - they are the beginning of a long-term vision.

In the coming seasons, the brands plan to further expand their collaboration to present even more innovative and sustainable collections. The future promises to be exciting as both brands continue to emphasize their shared values and continue to challenge the fashion industry.