The most sustainable jeans are the ones in your closet. We want to be your second choice. For this we work together with the best weavers, develop our own eco-materials and produce them in our own factory in Saigon, Vietnam. Here is an overview of current projects and our holistic definition of sustainability.

Creativity as an opportunity.

Landfills full of fast fashion clothes make our industry the second biggest polluter after the oil industry. What is less well known is that large quantities of rejects also occur during production. Our "Art on broken pieces" collaboration with Sofia Holt is an example of how creativity and art can turn a problem into something new, unique and valuable. We got together with Jessica from "Mit Ecken und Kanten" and Charlotte from "Plastikfrei Leben" and talked about the background and the development of the project.

11 for 1

We became aware of the reforestation project "One Tree Planted" through Kate Williams, the CEO of "1% for the Planet". In the long term, we would like to work on producing in a climate-positive manner. For us, therefore, a collaboration with One Tree Planted is the logical first step, which many more will follow. With the purchase of our Environmentalist Tree T-Shirt, we donate "One Tree Planted" and plant 11 trees in the Indonesian rainforest. In 2015, a fire in the Kalimantan region of Borneo destroyed 30,000 hectares of forest. At that time, the clouds of smoke spread as far as Singapore and even Vietnam. One Tree Planted is rebuilding this region, which is threatened not only by fire but also by the palm oil industry and illegal mines.


With the help of the Retraced organization, we make our entire production chain transparent. Using the traced code, you can track each individual production step and find out about the exact origin of the raw materials, identification of the suppliers and certificates. Some of the raw materials and ingredients have come a long way before they are manufactured in our own factory in Saigon. Another indication that the problems of our industry can only be solved globally.

State-of-the-art technologies

Are there "Sustainable Laundries"? The answer is: yes.
Research and innovation are making ever better and less harmful ways of producing jeans possible. However, chemicals are still used that require a lot of energy to be processed in sewage treatment plants. Our partner Laundry FDC has the latest washing and clarification technologies. Laser is becoming more and more popular in combination with Ozone and E-Flow. The market leader in these technologies is Jeanologia from Spain. Large amounts of water and chemicals are saved by using Jeanologia technologies. This is measured using the so-called EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring) score. This is certainly a start in the right direction, because only with the knowledge of your footprint can you take targeted measures to improve it. In our next autumn/winter collection, 90% of all our items will receive an EIM score and we will constantly work to improve this score as well.