Plant trees with every purchase of our Tree T-shirt

Our Mission: 11,000 Trees Planted

So far, our friends at One Tree Planted planted 11 trees in Vietnam for every "Environmentalist" t-shirt purchased. Our goal is to plant at least 11,000 trees! Be part of it!




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Planting trees in Vietnam

The project will plant native Son Tra fruit trees and replenish endangered timber species which can substitute teak wood. Overexploitation of the land in Vietnam has endangered many native species of plants and animals, and increased the impact of natural disasters. Much of the local population also depends directly on forest products for subsistence. Vietnam is slowly regaining its forests through tree planting and natural reforestation.

Environmentalist t shirt

Your purchase of an "Environmentalist" t-shirt plants trees. 100% of the profit of this t-shirt will go to our friends of the organisation One Tree Planted. For every t-shirt sold, they will plant 11 trees in a reforestation project. Why this specific number? Why 11 trees? Because we keep none of the profit for ourselves. One Dollar plants one tree and we would have earned 11 Dollars by selling you this shirt. One Tree Planted offers you a certificate stating the amount of trees you planted. 

Milestone 2021

In 2021, at the start of our 11 for 1 campaign, we never expected how many trees our community would donate within a short campaign period. It gave us so much momentum that we wanted to grow our forest a little more. Because if there's one thing we're good at at Dawn, it's setting high goals: 11,000 trees in 2021 – that was our goal. In the end, we were able to plant 4,196 trees in 2021. Now we're letting our forest grow and grow until we've reached at least 11,000 trees.

How does it work?

Buy the t-shirt.

We donate to One Tree Planted in your name.

One Tree Planted will plant 11 trees in Vietnam. 

You can find out more about reforestation here.

One Tree Planted

As an environmentak charity One Tree Planted is on a mission to simplify supporting global reforestation. On their website you can browse all the beautiful projects they brought to life around the world.