The most sustainable jeans are the ones in your wardrobe. We want to be your second choice. That's why we work with the best weavers, develop our own eco-materials and produce them in our own factory in Saigon, Vietnam. Here is an overview of current projects and our holistic definition of sustainability.

Creativity as a chance.

The fashion sector is the second largest polluter behind the oil industry. Less known is that during the production process BGrade and broken products ending up in landfills. With our "Art on Broken Pieces" collection we proof, that creativity and art can create something unique and precious. In collaboration with Sofia Holt we upcycle broken pieces and give an artist a platform for statements.

11 for 1

Inspired by Kate Williams, the CEO of "1% for the planet" we are joining "One Tree Planted" this spring. This NGO is organising various reforestation projects around the world. As we strive to become a climate positive business model, this project has been just the logical next step. With the purchase of one Tree T we are planting 11 Trees in Vietnam.


Sustainability must be empowered by transparency. That ’s why we collaborate with Retraced, whe re all supply chain, certificates & materials data stored on tamper-proof block chain cloud. Using Retraced, you can tra ck every production step and  find out all hands that have touched on the products, you can see the identification of the suppliers and certificates. The fashion supply chain is fragmented and dispersed, this is exactly why transparency and traceability are so important to you, the end-user; and to us, the product decision-making brand. We want to deliver to you the most transparent information - because we have nothing to hide. You can track all of the suppler information in one scan via QR code on the care label of each garment, or on our website.

Modern technology

Are their sustainable laundries? The answer is yes-no! Research and innovation are continuously improving the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of chemicals and water. Our partner laundries are equipped with the latest technologies from Jeanologia, Spain and Tonello Italy.