What is DAWNiness for us?

Dawniness means desire. Desire for a better world, which we are continuously working on.

Seeing beauty in seemingly small and often overlooked pleasures of life is pure Dawniness.

Dawniness is being vulnerable but also strong as Malou in this picture. Especially if it´s to stand up for others and our environment.

You are powerful! You are fearless! You are wonderful! Stay true to yourself!

Dawniness is not dreamyness – being dawny can mean standing your ground firmly

The satisfaction of closing like 100 Chrome tabs all at once at the end of a long project.

We acknowledge that the most sustainable jeans is the one you already have and by creating our jeans we do harm the environment.

Dawniness is the pleasant quality of empowering without overpowering, of having sound ethics without moralizing and of being serious about change while not losing the ability to laugh about oneself.

Putting on your favorite washed out sweater that magically makes you look cooler than any of your new sweaters or dresses you own.

Arriving home for the evening just as a thunderstorm begins.

Dawniness is to stand up and set a statement.

Breaking apart bread with your bare hands.