Circular Fashion

Art on Broken Pieces

Our industry has a lot of flaws. But we believe that all problem lead to chances. We make use of the chances we get. By channeling a lot of creativity and positive energy, we turn styles with small flaws into something surprisingly beautiful. Our Art on Broken Pieces project gives new life to jeans that would otherwise be discarded during the production process. 

In our factory we work diligently and use high quality materials. Still, our quality controls finds jeans with tiny production flaws. But we do not  discard them. Instead, they become part of our Art on Broken Pieces initiative. We transform them into into very unique treasures with embroidery and batches created by Swedish designer Sofia Holt.

This summer we invited upcycling artists to create pieces of art that complement our own collection. And Anja Leshoff, designer of remember, turned some of our broken pieces into beautiful one-of-a-kind bags.

"Usually brands get rid of imperfect items. However, Dawn Denim uses embroidery and crafts to make them look perfect and unique again!" – Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst @letstalkslow

"Dawn Denim is not only producing fairly and sustainable, they also don’t throw away the pieces that don’t pass the quality control, instead they hand them over to an artist." – Nanda Schwarz @nanda_schwarz

"Appreciation and the lifecycle extension of clothing are important to me. That's why I've always been a big fan of the "Art on Broken Pieces" project by @dawndenim." Selmin Ermis-Krohs @tweedandgreet

The Artists' Work

We invited upcycling artists to turn our Broken Pieces into their own artworks and to give them a new life. This project shows what is possible when using all of our creative energy.

The finished artworks will be auctioned, half of the price will support the artists and the other half will go to our non-profit 11 for 1 campaign. 

Remember by Anja Leshoff

Turning discarded clothes into something new – that is what Anja Leshoff's project remember focuses on. She creates a patchwork look, which isn't just a nice eye-catcher, but also a friendly reminder. Each of the different fabric stripes reminds you of an original piece it was taken from. It kindly hints at the value of our clothes.