A new dawn for denim

Dawn strives to empower women to change the way clothes are made, sold and worn. Making your butt look good in jeans is a welcomed side-effect.

The Fashion Revolution

True sustainability is not a short-term goal, but a long journey. In the process, many different topics occupy us at the same time. From transparency to index wages to the Happy Factory, we are working on it and are not afraid of setbacks. We believe that this is the only way to start a fashion revolution.

WTF is Dawniness?

Being empowering without overpowering. Having sound ethics without moralizing. Being serious about change and still loving to be silly.. That’s Dawniness!


The most sustainable jeans is the one you already have. We want to be your second choice. The fashion sector is the second largest polluter behind the oil industry. This has to change. We show how it can be done.

Berlin x Saigon. The team behind the brand.

In our headquarter and creative studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg we design new collections, create concepts, service our customers and welcome our community. In Saigon is not only our own production. We are also hosting here our sampling atelier, the pattern- and quality team as well as the playground of materials and accessories for new collections to come.

Pham Thi Phuong
Sewing Sample Atelier, Saigon.
Ho Minh Tuan
Ironing Production, Saigon.
Chan Van
Teamleader DAWN, Saigon.
Ines Rust
Design, Berlin.
Nguyen Thi Be Ty
Waistband Production, Saigon.
Ly Hoang Le
Sewing Production, Saigon.
Nguyen Hong Thu
Sewing Sampling Atelier, Saigon.
Do Thi Doanh
Quality Production, Saigon.
Marian von Rappard
Founder, Saigon - Berlin - Lucerne.
Dang Tran Cong
Sewer produktion, Saigon.
Nguyen Thi Kim Trang
Sewing Sampling Atelier, Saigon.
Rachel Chuang
CSR und Impact, Saigon - Berlin.
Nguyen Thuy Tam
Sewing Sampling Atelier, Saigon.
Ho Nhu Thuy
Sewing Production, Saigon
Ann Sophie Herte
Quality and Fit, Berlin
Dong Thi Dao
Embroidery Pattern and Production, Saigon.
Roland Aurich
Distribution Germany, Düsseldorf.
Sofia Holt
Collaboration und Illustration, Saigon.
Ben Geourjon
CEO and Finance, Berlin
Sheila Matschenz
B2B Customer Service, Berlin.
Daniela Holguin
Marketing, Berlin.
Tamara Hochfelsner
Social Media, Berlin.