Pure Beauty

This is not a color
This is good news
No dye, no pollution

No dye

Less pollution

Pure fabric

Pure Beauty DAYLIGHT Denim jacket

Pure Beauty means No Dye! Our DAYLIGHT shines bright without additive color. Toxin-free dyes are nice, no dye is better. Our No-Dye-Fabric requires less energy for production and creates rarely any water effluents compared to conventional denim. That's a beautiful thing for nature and a beautiful feeling for you. 

Pure Beauty STARDUST Jeans

Our signature style STARDUST is a relaxed and feminine fit, suitable for diverse body types. It sits high on your waist and covers your hips and legs in a loose-fitting o-shape. For our Pure Beauty collection, we complemented this style with a fabric belt. Why? It emphasizes the elegant appearance set up by the no dye fabric. Did we mention? No dye, No Pollution, Pure Beauty. No conventional denim fabric needs less energy and creates less affluent than this beautifully undyed fabric. 

Pure Beauty SKY Jeans

The SKY in No Dye not only rimes, but will be your favorite pants this summer. The flared, cropped leg elongates your silhouette. The fit sits comfortably between waist and hip. Like all styles in this collection, sustainablity is not just about the fabric. The unscrewable buttons render the possibility of seperating resources for efficient recycling.

Why should you pre-order Pure Beauty?

It makes total sense to produce purely beautiful styles in a purely resourceful way. The thing is: NOT producing styles is still the best way to save resources. That's why we ask you to pre-order our Pure Beauty Collection. To make sure we only produce what's really going to be bought and worn. So join in, pre-order now, and receive your favorite style in July, the most beautiful month of the year.