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We’ve been working in the fashion industry for quite some time now and know that something needs to change. We have a vision of a just world, in which fair fashion production is the norm. Ethical fashion – without abandoning design and quality – is possible. With our own factory in Saigon, Vietnam we work daily on proving this. You want to know more about our initiatives? Keep reading.

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At Dawn Denim you can track every single production step and get more information about the raw material’s exact origins, the suppliers and all the certificates.” - Alexa von Heyden @alexavonheyden

"Recently, DAWN achieved 100/100 points for their internal team communication during the first Brand Performance Check by the Fair Wear Foundation. This is already pretty good, but still not enough for DAWN Denim. The label wants to improve continually.” - Jenni @mehralsgruenzeug

"The approach of not only asking about fairness, but also specifically about happiness and needs, is exciting. After all, "fairness" is often a vague term, similar to sustainability..." - Article @fashionchangers

Fair Wear Brand Performance Check – The only brand with 100/100 points

You want to know exactly why we performed that well? Here is the report of the Brand Performance Check.

The amazing result of the Fair Wear Check motivates us to go even further. Our motto: From Fair Wear to Love Affair.

The Performance Check date back to 2019. The Social Report 2020 provides you with the current data.

How do we get from a Fair Factory to a Happy Factory?

Happiness is reflected in values. Our experiment shows the values most important to our team.

Happiness is reflected in friendships. How connected does our team feel? The “circle of friends” experiment has given us some insights.

When asked point-blank “Are you happy here?”, 38% of our colleagues replied with a yes. But our most important take-away is: We can amend discontentment, passivity is a more difficult issue. 

Our factory is “not a shitty place”

We have nothing to hide and we proudly show that during our open factory day. Next time you’re in Saigon, come visit us.

How do we make a place the least shitty it can be? With regionally created art that’s accessible to the whole team.

We’re all exceptionally proud of our balcony. It’s simply the prettiest in the whole area.

Experience our transparency with retraced

We are shedding light on our supply chain and retraced is helping us display this transparency. Go on, have a look.

These are the people, who bring your jeans to life.

That means you can trace the supply chain with the QR code on your piece of clothing. You can also find the information directly in our online shop.

Discover our retraced products

tip me: Your direct connection to our colleagues

Everyone has dreams. Those are the ones of our colleagues in Saigon.

tip me allows you to tip people globally. As simple as in your favourite café. 

"...It is time for the fashion industry to open its doors, and I really hope more and more people and brands would be educated and inspired by this campaign..." - Noa from style.withasmile