No Substance? No Style.

What the fashion industry needs is less excuses and more action. The 2013 Rana plaza disaster was - and still is - a huge wake up call for the fashion industry. It has sparked a robust and global Fashion Revolution, that has challenged the industry - consumers, brands, retailers, suppliers, influencers, intermediaries, and all - to take a hard look at itself in the mirror. Not to check out how it looks in the latest trending fit, but rather to see what values they are willing to wear, share, and own… from this season to the next, and beyond. What good is a good fit if other people and the planet must suffer for it? Empty values have no place in the future of fashion. The way we see it at retraced: No substance? No style. It’s time for an industry wide wardrobe change. 

And it looks like today's fashion shoppers agree.

  • 9 out of 10 people would rather buy from a company supporting social and environmental issues. (CONE, CSR Study 2017)
  • 86 % of shoppers expect brands to cast more light on ethical labor practices and/or sustainability in the supply chain (WOVN Consumer Fashion 2021)
  • 84% of shoppers are willing to pay more for clothing from a sustainable brand (WOVN Consumer Fashion 2021)

So what’s the hold up? Well - simply put - getting a grip of your ethical efforts in an industry cloaked with scattered and sometimes unavailable information is a challenge. But that's where we step in. Retraced partners with the leading innovators in fashion to help make sense of their supply chains and help drive their genuine impact efforts through transparency. Our software makes it easy for brands to visualize and manage their sustainability, AND then reliably share that with their customers.

The industry may be complex but partnering with DAWN Denim was a simple and easy decision to make. Ethical denim demands ethical supply chains, and we've seen it with our own eyes (and technology) - DAWN has been committed to supporting and implementing ethical supply chains since day one. Our joint mission has been to "dig deep", ask questions, get the data, strengthen relationships, and share results. (Check out the retraced widget on one of DAWN's products)

It’s time to dress accordingly. We all have work to do to make the fashion industry a little more responsible. The DAWN x retraced partnership is our collective call to action for fashion. No more industry's excuses. It’s time to wear and own the values we truly care about.  It's time to put transparency into action. 🚀

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