Made by BANUN

This jacket is made out of three pairs of jeans which can be seen by the different denim colours. It has an oversized fit which can be exaggerated when pulling the string on the bottom in order to rush it together. Besides, there are pockets on both sides. Another feature is the adjustable sleeve length. Because the sleeves were pant legs they can be rolled up easily until the desired length is reached.

Have a lovely time with this unique jacket!


Hi, BANUN. here :) Roughly said: I upcycle clothes.

I am trying to have a more sustainable wardrobe - therefore I use clothing items or materials that already exist in order to turn them into another piece and give them a new life. It doesn't matter if I embroider, paint, sew, etc. the upcycling process is always such a joyful and exciting experience for me. Most of the time I don't have a specific plan on how to recreate something. There is just a brief idea and I let myself fully get involved with the piece. During the work progress I experiment with different variations of the item, try to imagine how it could look like in the end and also weigh up which existing features of the item I want to keep or integrate in the upcycled version. In the end there is an individual piece created that mirrors the process with every step, thought and decision I made. Each upcycling project is pushing me forward to improve and develop myself as well as my skills :)

Much love <3


Oversized fit with adjustable sleeves by rolling them up and down. Fits from size XS to XL.

Use our size chart to find your perfect size.

In the manufacturing process, tiny little defects lead to clothes being sorted out. To put an end to this waste, the piece in your hand has been carefully repaired and is one of a kind; just like you.

Organic Cotton Mix

What is the right size for me?

To choose the right size, it depends on the material composition and personal wearing preference. For materials that contain stretch, you should consider the smaller size. For models without stretch, such as 100% cotton, it might be right to take the larger one.

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