Made by Natalie

The piece I created is a unique crossover between a jacket and a corset which can be adjusted to various body types, with its lacing in front and back. 

My design process was based upon looking at the pants I received from Dawn Denim and letting them ‘speak’ to me, rethinking patterns, and discovering movement of the material when it is being repurposed. All this with a zero-waste approach in mind: the delicious challenge of using most of two pairs of jeans, from zippers to belt loops, cut-off overlocked seam allowances for lacing, front pockets, and back pockets… The only material I added to the well-made jeans with tiny flaws was the thread. 

The piece evolved as I was deconstructing and trying out boundless variations while paying special attention to detail work. 

I also appreciated the skill and effort that every single person and every single hand has put into making the original jeans, especially when stitching on two back pockets - used as side pieces for the lacing across the back - the signature “Dawn Denim-way”. 

My Art on Broken Pieces combines solid, old-school craftsmanship and a vision for endless possibilities beyond “just jeans with flaws” - the beginning of many more new lives. 

This denim top fits from a size S to M. 

Photographer: @anotherwayrico / @anotherwaystudio

Model/styled by: @jeunixa

This denim top fits from size S to M.

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In the manufacturing process, tiny little defects lead to clothes being sorted out. To put an end to this waste, the piece in your hand has been carefully repaired and is one of a kind; just like you.

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