Dawn Ceramics

We Are Studio Studio X Dawn

Handcrafted Ceramics made in Hamburg

We love joining forces. Particularly in cases that allow us to collaborate with creatives who know their craft and focus as much on natural materials as we do. Like Ini and Thorben of We Are Studio Studio. They just added a Dawn x WASS mug to their repertoire. Each mug is thrown by hand and individually painted with the most beautiful colors from our Dawn blur. That’s Dawniness at it’s best!

Cosy coffeebreak with WASS ceramics and comfy Dawn Jeans

“Dawn Denim works by the principle „Limited for all the right reasons!“…Based on that guideline @dawndenim and Ini of @wearestudiostudio created this wonderful mug.“ Luisa of @how.luisa.lives

“We strongly belive that craftsmanship and first-class materials have a positive impact on the surrounding we live in.“ Ini von @wearestudiostudio

“Taking responsibility for a better world requires changing your own behavior. I join this dawniness and of course, I also celebrate the common cause with Ini and Thorben from We Are Studio Studio, big ceramic lover!“ Jules & Maria von @herz.und.blut 


Collaborations with creatives aren’t just fun. They are sustainable, too. That’s not just our idea. The United Nations are on it, too. Their Sustainable Development Goals – also known as SDGs – are a sustainability agenda that all member states assigned to. Goal 17 emphasizes the building of sustainability partnerships. So what the UN proposes on a big scale is something we implement on our scale. We are #InThisTogether and can only reach a fair and sustainable future through partnerships. That’s why we use every opportunity we have to collaborate with fair and sustainably managed brands.