Transparency & Fairness

Willkommen in unserer eigenen Factory. Hier setzen wir neue Standards für Transparenz und Fairness.


What is Ethical Fashion?

"Not a shitty place" is our own factory in Saigon which looks more like a loft in New York. After the terrible incident at Rana Plaza, Fashion Revolution created the movement "Who made your cloth?". We are going beyond that and opened our doors for an Open Factory Day. A view behind the scenes, including vegan food, exciting conversations and the direct exchange between consumer and maker.


Video from our Open factory day

Happy Factory.

We don´t reduce happiness of our workers to the paycheck. Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister´s "Happy Show" we wanted to know what really makes our team happy. In collaboration with The Lab Saigon we developed a series of playful experiments to find out. For this project we won the price for best Innovation in 2019 at the Greenstyle in Munich and inspired other brands in our community to do the same. Here some more articles about this project: Fair Fashion Blog "Free Minded Folk" and "Factory counts smiles" von Vietcetera.


100%, we don´t do things by halves.

With a 100% score at our first Brand Performance Check we are the only brand recognised by the Fair Wear Foundation. We are happy to have a leading role among other labels in this precious community.


United by one vision.

We a striving for a holistic success to proof that ethic and responsible production is possible. Our goal is a healthy growth to become more independent and autonomous.


More planning - less overtime

With 100 from 100 points and our philosophy of togetherness we enthuse the Fair Wear Foundation. Our factory team sits with us on one table if we plan our next season and delivery windows.


More family than factory.

Natürlich zahlen wir Living Wage und keinen Mindestlohn. Wir machen aber noch so viel mehr. Wir kennen jedes Teammitglied persönlich und sind für alle ansprechbar.


Dreams and awakenings

Sustainability, Fairness and Eco-Consciousnes are not marketing slogans rather then complex topics and challenges. We are not hiding ourselves behind certifications and greenwashing. We are founded to make the industry more honest, to change and to set a positive example. This report is the naked truth about our daily struggles, success and failures.


Globale Tip

During times where big cooperates are following their selfish agendas we are sticking to our values of fairness and solidarity. We are in for a global community. For less boarders, for more fairness and togetherness. That´s why we hook up with tip me, an activistic organisation, building bridges between market and maker.

We believe the fashion industry will be changed through a united community of confident women. This change is desperately needed for the sake of the people making your clothes and to protect the environment. Take a closer look to learn more about our initiatives as well as our ideals and dreams.