Meet our Brand Ambassador Mirjam Smend

A love letter to our Stardust.

Working as a fashion editor, I heralded many trends and participated in most of them. But to be honest: Most of what I used to wear at fashion events was seriously stylish, but far from being comfortable. Today I know that the only sustainable way of looking good is to focus on comfort. Be it home office or press days, a walk through the English Garden or a weekend trip, the Stardust will do the trick for me. It simply suits my lifestyle: chic and super comfy at the same time.

Fairness meets Style meets Comfort.

To this day, no denim trend has been as long lasting as the Skinny Fit. I was pretty sure it would be the only option forever. But, thanks to Dawn, in 2020 I found a variant that I absolutely fell in love with. Since then I’m all “Bye bye Skinny Fit, Hello O-Shape!” - Because that’s what’s so special about the Stardust. The perfectly straight forward fit. The O-Shape does not nip or pinch anywhere. And that’s a must for me these days. Being a game-changer and a working mum, I’m constantly in action. Thank you Dawn, for advancing me onto a completely new level of comfort by creating the Stardust!

Let's style the Stardust!

So what do I wear the Stardust with? Basically everything. Because yes, it’s a styling miracle, too. Combined with a statement tshirt and a blouson (which is also on heavy rotation in my wardrobe) it looks magnificently casual. But it also looks elegantly relaxed if combined with blazer, bretonic shirt and classic trench coat. Concerning shoes: sneakers, boots, summer flats or my beloved Doc Martens? It’s a match, it’s up to you.  

And besides the style factor?

I’m a fair fashion enthusiast. And the Stardust receives a double thumbs-up from me. In fact, all Dawn styles do. But specifically the Stardust is made of organic cotton with an XS-amount of elastane. And for the hang-tags  it’s seed paper instead of plastic. That’s fair towards this planet. But Dawn is also fair towards people. That’s why the brand received 100 out of 100 points being evaluated by the Fair Wear Foundation. Their motto is: Fair fits better.   Shop the Style Shop the Style Käuferschutz Sehr gut 4.92/5.00 ...So, Ladies: I highly recommend the Stardust. But be warned. It’s addictive. Once Stardust, always Stardust.

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