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Soft Tencel™​: Our softest fabric

100% Lyocell Tencel™​

Our Lyocell Tencel™ fabric is a particularly supple and soft material that is gentle to the skin and has a silky flowing character. Not only is the feel similar to silk, but the soft sheen and high breathability also contribute to the high wearing comfort. 

Fast-growing wood is used for the production of Tencel™. The wood comes from controlled sustainable forestry and is processed with non-toxic solvents. 

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Wash me carefully.

We recommend that you do not wash your Tencel™ products too often to prolong their life and save resources. To avoid losing the shine and damaging the material, treat your Tencel™ products as you would silk products. 

Our care tips:

- Turn your clothes inside out before washing and close all buttons and the zipper.

- Wash at max. 30 degrees in the delicate wash program.

- Use liquid mild detergent.

- Air dry your garments (not in the sun).

- Steam your products instead of ironing them to avoid creases.

high wearing comfort

100% Lyocell Tencel™​

silky feel