light and comfortable

Lightweight Hemp: Soft non-stretch denim

80% Organic Cotton, 20% Hemp

The combination of hemp fibers and organic cotton provides a high level of comfort with a soft denim feel. Our Lightweight Hemp fabric is a non-stretch material, so it's not elastic, but it still feels wonderfully light and doesn't restrict your comfort.

Hemp is a robust fiber with a long tradition. It is one of the first fibers to be used for clothing. Hemp grows fast, needs little care, and requires less water compared to cotton.

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Don't wash me that often.

We recommend airing your jeans and not washing them too often to prolong their life and save resources. 

Our care tips:

- Turn your jeans inside out before washing and close all buttons and the zipper.

- Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and reduce the spin speed.

- It is best to use liquid eco-detergent to preserve the fibers.

- Air dry your jeans.

adapts to your body while wearing

20% hemp fibers

light non-stretch material