light and comfy

Comfortstretch: New with biodegradable polyester

72% Organic Cotton, 26% Biodegradable Polyester, 2% Elastane

This denim fabric offers the perfect balance between high comfort and freedom of movement while supporting the silhouette. In addition, the material is soft and feels great on your skin.

For our Comfortstretch fabric, we took a completely new approach and were able to use polyester that is biodegradable due to the addition of starch. 

Don't wash me that often.

We recommend airing your jeans and not washing them too often to prolong their life and save resources. Our Soft Denim contains plastic fibers which means microplastic can end up in wastewater when washed. That's why we recommend washing your jeans in a Guppyfriend washing bag

Our care tips:

- Turn your jeans inside out before washing and close all buttons and the zipper.

- Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and reduce the spin speed.

- It is best to use liquid eco-detergent to preserve the fibers.

- Air dry your jeans.

high comfort and freedom of movement

comfortable to wear

soft stretch material