classic denim fabric

100% Organic Cotton: Pure cotton, nothing else

100% Organic Cotton

Our classic 100% organic cotton denim fabric is comfortable and durable at the same time. The non-stretch material is completely plastic-free. It is also easier to recycle because only one fiber material is used.

A special highlight is our organic cotton fabric in natural white. The unbleached and undyed fabric consumes extremely little energy in production and produces hardly any wastewater, as there is no dyeing and bleaching process. 

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Don't wash me that often.

We recommend airing your jeans and not washing them too often to prolong their life and save resources. 

Our care tips:

- Turn your jeans inside out before washing and close all buttons and the zipper.

- Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees and reduce the spin speed.

- It is best to use liquid eco-detergent to preserve the fibers.

- Air dry your jeans.

adapts to your body while wearing

100% organic cotton

classic non-stretch material