Key Partner Program

What we offer

For loyal partners we offer special deals from our NOS assortment:

Choice from up to 5 items

Guaranteed return by the end of the season

Weekly resupply via mail, Whatsapp or EDI system

The conditions

We believe in transparency. So we need from you:

Weekly stock list of items

Frequent reordering (at least every two weeks)

Contact person for reordering

Brand onboarding of sales staff with digital training material.

Our risk, our right

We reserve some rights:

In the case of overdue invoices, the program may be stopped.

If there is no reorder, we reserve the right to take back the goods immediately and by credit note.

Credit note of the goods will be made after quality check with our logistics partner.

SUN UP, Skinny Twist

4 Washes


4 Washes, 2 Inseams


4 Washes

SUN UP, Skinny Minimal

4 Washes, 4 Inseams

SUNSHINE, Tapered Relaxed

1 Wash

MID SUN, Slim Cropped

4 Washes

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