Dawn Stories

good news

Meaningful initiatives, exciting collaborations, and other good things we've launched.

circular fashion

Art on Broken Pieces

With our upcycling project Art on Broken Pieces, we embroider jeans with small production flaws to give them a new life.

11 for 1

Eleven Trees for a T-Shirt

Our friends at One Tree Planted plant 11 trees in Vietnam for every "Environmentalist" t-shirt purchased.


Be someone else's sun, baby!

We love to collaborate with other creative brands. When we came across the cosmetics manufacturer MARI&ANNE, we knew immediately: It's a match!

Blue Revolution Dye

Non-toxic Dyeing

Jeans and the color blue – they simply belong together. That's why we have now made our dyeing process even more sustainable.

Upcycled jeans

Upcycling artists

We invited upcycling artists to create new works of art from jeans that were discarded due to minor production flaws.