Good News!

Sensible initiatives, rewarding collaborations and happenings that we enjoyed creating.

Statement Pieces for Sustainability

Real fashion highlights you can wear in all conscience? Of course.

Dawn ceramics from WASS

When we meet dawny people, we like to create things together. Like with Ini and Thorben from We are Studio Studio in Hamburg. The result? Ceramics inspired by our comfy collection.

Circular Fashion

Did you know Jeans can be reborn? With our Art on Broken Pieces Collection we give waste a new life and artist a platform for statements.

Stardust Love

Mirjam Smend talks about our amazing Stardust.

Undyed Denim

No color, no dye, no polution. Just Pure Beauty. Pre-Order your summer styles now.

Grow a forrest by buying a T-Shirt

Our friends from One Tree Planted will plant 11 trees in Vietnam for every "Environmentalist"-T-Shirt purchased.


Our collection for International Women's Day.

Wear the Blue Revolution

We know that jeans are nothing without the colour blue. So we went out and made sure that dying blue denim will be future-proof. The result: A collection of styles that emit 72% less waste water and are completely toxin-free.