AN UNLIKELY PAIR - Upcycled Slippers and Hot Pants Made by Lala Quail

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An unlikely pair: A casual pair of jeans, transformed into a boudoir pair (of denim panties and slippers). Pillowy, sexy, unlikely, weird? A transformation not made for expectations, simply a cute denim combo for your movie nights or bedroom boogies. Ultimately taking inspiration from denim and the idea of breaking with the norm, the unlikely pair was born. Wearable, yet unexpected. Matching, yet completely separate. A cute dichotomy of denim.

Slippers: Size 39-40 / Panties: Size 8/10 (denim W26)

Lala is a dynamic product, web and graphic designer & upcycler based in Berlin, hailing from CapeTown, South Africa. She loves weirding out and producing work that makes people smile; whether that be product, picture, animation or experience. Beginning her design journey in the field of Industrial Design, she has since traversed the fashion, film and art spheres in varying capacities. Her own design practice (@lala_quuu) explores playful ways in which to produce sustainable products. Her current focus is on creating unique accessories and shoes from upcycled materials, offering an alternative narrative to the mass-produced hype culture ubiquitous within the shoe and apparel industry.

I am made out of jeans that were discarded due to small production defects. These jeans were given to an upcycling artist who used a lot of creativity and positive energy to create a new and unique work of art and gave me a new life.
Pants: 13% Lyocell Tencel®, 53% Organic Cotton, 22% Cotton, 9% Viscose (Rayon), 3% Elastane Spandex®. Details: 100% cotton trimming (fluorescent yellow), faux pearl trim (plastic).

Can I return this unique piece?

Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, unfortunately, it cannot be returned.

What happens in case of a quality problem? 

If your one-of-a-kind piece should have a quality issue, please feel free to email us at We will contact the artist for you to find a solution.

What happens if the size does not fit me? 

Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, it, unfortunately, cannot be returned. If you are unsure if the piece will fit you, feel free to email us before ordering at We will be happy to advise you. 

What happens with my money? 

50% of the purchase price goes to the artist, the other 50% to our non-profit project 11for1, with which we plant trees in Vietnam together with One Tree Planted. Dawn does not earn anything from the sale. 

Free shipping. Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, unfortunately, it cannot be returned.

Lala Quail

«An exhilarating dive into a sea of denim and fun reimagining of the ubiquitous material.»

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