WOVEN JEANS - Upcycled Jeans Made by Juliane Diefenbach

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This STARDUST has been finished with intricate woven details. Natural denim stripes have been woven into the jeans to create a unique checkerboard pattern.

Size: 30

Juliane is a fashion designer from Cologne, born in 1984. Upcycling, DIY, and repurposing textiles have been her passion since her childhood. After degreeing as a design engineer for fashion she started her own business in 2012 and partnered up with artists, creators, and influencers on many different textile-related projects. The sustainable slow fashion label „twists & turns“ is her one-woman-show project that was born from the lack of yoga props and accessories with high design standards. Upcycling jeans were a part of it from the beginning and inspired the bags she created for „art on broken pieces“. She works as a freelance fashion designer with a holistic view of every task and is intrigued by collaborations all across the globe.

I am made out of jeans that were discarded due to small production defects. These jeans were given to an upcycling artist who used a lot of creativity and positive energy to create a new and unique work of art and gave me a new life.
13% Lyocell Tencel®, 53% Organic Cotton, 22% Cotton, 9% Viscose (Rayon), 3% Elastane Spandex®

Can I return this unique piece?

Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, unfortunately, it cannot be returned.

What happens in case of a quality problem? 

If your one-of-a-kind piece should have a quality issue, please feel free to email us at hello@dawndenim.com. We will contact the artist for you to find a solution.

What happens if the size does not fit me? 

Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, it, unfortunately, cannot be returned. If you are unsure if the piece will fit you, feel free to email us before ordering at hello@dawndenim.com. We will be happy to advise you. 

What happens with my money? 

50% of the purchase price goes to the artist, the other 50% to our non-profit project 11for1, with which we plant trees in Vietnam together with One Tree Planted. Dawn does not earn anything from the sale. 

Free shipping. Since this piece is a special one-of-a-kind item, unfortunately, it cannot be returned.

Juliane Diefenbach

«This project gave me the opportunity to combine my most favorite things: creativity, textiles, and sustainability. I am grateful to be part of it.»

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